Thursday 28 August 2014

It has been a while

I cant believe that our gorgeous three are now 20 months old and the terrible twos are fast approaching!

Seriously being their Mum just keeps getting better. I still pinch myself that we got so lucky.

They are climbing everywhere, running (although Sophie is still more tottery than Lilly and Jack)

Jack is now in his own room because he was able to climb safely out of his cot. He now has a racing car bed and loooves it

Here are some recent pics.

 Jack's racing car bed

 I love this a beautiful lake and park in Lysterfield Victoria watching the ducks
 Having fun riding the miniature railway pictured Jack, Lilly then Sophie
 Jack loves playing in tunnels
 It's hard to keep their pants on these days.....preferring to watch Daddy mow the lawn then play dressup with Mummy!
 Sophie adored the Carousel at Luna Park
And Lilly loooved the horses too!
And finally a video that captures our kids they are on Chuggington ride. That white jumper Sophie is wearing had chocolate milkshake all over it later that day!

Congratulations to our gorgeous extended family in Argentina on the birth of Teo Benjamin....a very successful sibling project through SCI. Love you Palmese Family! And to Jenni and Brian and their gorgeous newborn daughter Rani - so over the moon for you.

Finally I am so so happy that we had our children through SCI under the very capable hands of Dr Shivani. I love being part of this special family. xxxx Love to you all and our surrogate Mums  L and K xxxxx

Sunday 29 December 2013

1st Birthday and 1st Christmas at Home

Eternally Grateful.
Forever in our Hearts and Thoughts and Mind.
Life Changing Miracle Workers
Blessed with 3 Gorgeous Children

Just a few statements to describe SCI, Dr Shivani, Margarida, our amazing surrogate mums and our egg donor........not that this can adequately describe our feelings.

Our babies turned 1 year old on 16 December so we had a smallish gathering of family and friends on Sunday 15 December. I wanted all of our kids to have their own cake so I made them an elephant cake each...but by far Jack's chocolate cake (in blue below) was the most popular!

To honour their heritage we had a touch of India as a theme with our girls dressed in beautiful and colourful Indian dresses and I made Jack a waistcoast with elephants.

 Sophie our oldest!
 Our baby boy Jack
Lilly ready to party

It was a wonderfully moving day for Andrew and I and we created a video to honour their creation and their 1st year.

It took us over a week to open up all their birthday many generous beautiful gifts.

And then we had their first Christmas at home which was so amazing. On Christmas Eve, I made all of us a special dinner and then we danced with our three in our arms to Christmas Carols, before putting them down regretfully to bed after a nice warm bath.

Here are a few pics of our three .
 Jack the Christmas Elf
 A very cute Santa Lilly
Sophie the Christmas Angel

I love being their Mum and it just keeps getting better and better. 

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year xxxx

Sunday 10 November 2013

Our worldwide SCI Family

It has been a few months since I last blogged. Not because I am slack just it is a busy world with 3 babies!

In October we had our great friends from Argentina stay with us. We met Gachy and Fernando in New Delhi in November 2012 as they were also awaiting the arrival of their baby Francisco who arrived 6 days before our three. We became good friends with them and since our return home we have been in regular contact with them. Having 4 babies in the house and trying to show our Argentinian family the tourist sites of Victoria was no mean feat but we managed to get away to the Great Ocean Road 12 Apostles etc.....the weather was so so cold and windy.

Here is a pic of all of us at the 12 Apostles.

Whilst our friends were staying with us, we were so happy to hear that our Miami friends Rueben and Ryan had been successful in legally adopting their twins Zara and Aiden. We skyped them to wish them congratulations. Ryan, Gachy and myself hit the Sarojini Nagar  markets together a couple of times in 2012 for baby items as well as spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together.

During October we were also so excited to hear of another SCI couple's success with the birth of their baby boy Pono. Congratulations to our Hawaiian friends Robert and Joanne (and their dog Woody).

For me, the unexpected and delightful part of our surrogacy journey has been the wonderful worldwide SCI family that has been created. The strong bonds that have been formed across the globe often bring tears to my eyes. This includes our very own Australian SCI'ers and I treasure the new friendships that have been formed especially the Baker family and their gorgeous boy Kai whom our Lilly girl makes goo goo eyes at!!

I have started planning our bubs 1st Birthday party and I cant believe how quickly this year has flown. Our babies are growing up fast. Lilly is crawling everywhere and trying hard to get to standing position on her own without help. Sophie loves her sleep and pretty much sleeps right through the night for 11 - 12 hours and is always happy to have long naps during the day. Jack has decided he can hold his own bottle and is feeding himself. Lilly also wants to do this now - the independence I am starting to see from all of them is such a delight. They are such gorgeous little people. How did I get so lucky?

Here is a recent picture of our three treasures sitting on their sofas.
Jack on the blue sofa, Sophie in the middle and Lilly at the end.

I am not at all prepared for Christmas mainly because I was busy in India in December 2012 and I missed the Melbourne Boxing Day sales - this is where I do alot of my Christmas shopping for the next year!!!

Must go now. There are many out there in this worldwide SCI family that are trying for a sibling. I wish you all the best and sending babydust your way.xxxxxxx

Tuesday 6 August 2013

We live in such a great place.....

I feel so lucky and blessed...not only did my lifelong dream of becoming a mum come true, I live in a wonderful country and with a great local Council that is supportive of our babies. A week ago our babies were officially welcomed to Frankston region by the mayor. Our babies received a lovely certificate and a showbag with books, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc. The ceremony was lovely and they had a beautiful afternoon tea with blue and pink cupcakes. Here is a photo of us and the Mayor with our three bubbas.

I finally got a place for all our three in the same day care centre  once a week and the centre is right across the road from us. They had their first day there today and Mummy cried walking back home. But they enjoyed it very much and they are so exhausted they are now soundly sleeping. I missed them very much but also enjoyed having some time to myself.

They are growing up so fast and their favourite new toy at the moment is the Jolly Jumper.
 Miss Sophie just hanging around in the Jolly Jumper
 Lovely Lilly girl enjoying her thumb
Jack loves the farmyard exesaucer activity centre

On a final note, we are very excited that our Argentinian friends whom we met over in Delhi during baby pickup are planning to come to Australia in October...we cant wait to see them

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Half a Year Old

It has been a couple of months since I last blogged but I do try and catch up and read everyone else's blog when I have time.....

I cant believe it but our gorgeous 3 turn 6 months old this Sunday 16 June......they are doing so well growing like weeds and loving their 2 meals of solids a day. We have been using our back living room as a giant playroom for the bubs and still a little work to go to make it crawler proof.......

I love being their Mum and they are such good babies.  They had their first colds all together last month and we survived that.....humidifiers are an absolute must.

Here are some recent pics. Once again how do you ever thank Dr Shivani, our surro mums L and K our donor for such a wonderful gift?

Our 3 love playing together on the 2 activity mats...they are growing so fast we might have to buy another mat so they can still play together!
 It is never easy getting a family shot where all bubs are looking at same time!

 On Rosebud Pier on a sunny Queens Birthday holiday
Sophie and I - this pic looks airbrushed but I swear it is not!

Monday 15 April 2013

4 months of absolute Joy!!!

Our babies are 4 months old tomorrow and I cant believe how quickly they are growing. I love them so much and everyday is a joy to see what they will do. We are so blessed that we got three gorgeous happy and health babies.

Here are some recent pics as we went swimming again. It was also lovely to catch up with Dr Shivani a week ago when she was in Melbourne for Surrogacy Australia conference.

Hope everyone is well in blogland.

Mel, Andrew, Sophie, Lilly and Jack

 Mummy with Lilly
 Mummy, cousin Alix with Jack, Daddy with Lilly, Auntie Lindee with Sophie
Impromptu family shot

Monday 18 March 2013

Best decision in my whole life.....

I will never ever be able to sufficiently thank Dr Shivani, SCI Healthcare, our egg donor and our wonderful surrogate mothers for the gift of our three children. Everyday the joy they bring to our lives just brings me to the verge of tears of happiness.

This was the best decision that I have ever made in my entire life.

Thank you xxxxx