Saturday 28 July 2012

Dreaming at the Footy

Hubby and I are sitting at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne watching a footy game. We are both smiling as we are watching parents with their kids. We just turned to each other with the same thought......wont it be great when we can bring our kids along to the footy? We are in wonderment about what teams our precious little ones might end up barracking is so amazing

Sunday 22 July 2012

Splendour in 3D

Hubby and I just got home from having a wonderful time at our niece's Big Fat Greek Feast which was a celebration of her 18th Birthday. To our delight we just received 3D Scans of our Twins. Our beautiful surro mummy "L" is doing very well and everything is progressing normally.

Now hubby thinks these two little seedlings are boys....I just keep falling in love with our babies over and over again. I cant wait to be back in India and to think we are likely to be parents this time in 4 months is so surreal. Hope everyone is well out there is blogland. Enjoy these pics xxxxx

Saturday 14 July 2012

Sweet 16!!!!!

Yahoooooo...yep that's right here we are at 16 weeks. That's gone faster than I expected.  I told my cousin last week of our journey and our success and she was very very happy. She has put her hand up to babysit at any time which is so lovely. Still haven't said anything at work and not going to until a month out before I leave.

My work has been really good. Just recruited last person to the team so now we are at full capacity. My team and I have really been kicking goals over the past 3 months so I don't want anything to derail that....if I say I am leaving in 4 months then naturally people will start to detach from me and the work we are doing.

Wow I cant believe that this time in 4 months we will be heading back to India as our twins are expected to be born by c-section around 20 November 2012. Of course this date is likely to change and we will have confirmation closer to the 30 week mark.

I am gradually building up my album of "Bless us with Bubs" which is essentially a diary with photos of India, entries including some of the posts within my blog as well as the various scans etc of our bubs growing. I plan to show this to our children one day, when they are old enough to explain how much we wanted them.

I am still quite scared to be so close to realising a lifelong dream, that this could all be cruelly taken away from us at any L and K (our beautiful surro mummies) and to my Mum and Dad above in heaven, please look after our bubs..........we loved you before we even met you (yes stealing that from the Savage Garden song)  little seedlings. XXXX

Saturday 7 July 2012

Hairdresser Baby talk

I went to my hairdresser last weekend a thing I love to do and would do every week if I had the money. For many of us girls having a good hairdresser is a very personal choice and I rate it up there with the importance of choosing a good doctor. Anyway, I was sitting next to another client who told them she was 15 weeks pregnant.......I wished her congratulations and found out she is expecting at a similar time to us. I then proceeded to tell my hairdresser the following...."Hey guess what hubby and I are expecting triplets at about the same time" My hairdresser nearly fell over as she knows our history. I then went on to explain. I had the whole salon including the client who was 15 weeks pregnant absolutely fascinated and excited.

It was so wonderful to share the news. My hairdresser is so excited for us and gave me a big kiss and a hug. When I explained that our donor was of Indian descent she said "Oh my god...they will be stunning looking babies then with curly black hair...." It was such a lovely lovely experience and I was close to tears receiving all the love and warmth.

Whilst sitting alongside the client she told me what she did for a living. She is a Youth Worker. She asked me whether she could retell my experience to young girls she was working with who at young ages become pregnant and then take no responsibility for parenting. She said she wants to use my example to demonstrate the other end of the scale in terms of the level of commitment, bravery and motivation towards becoming a parent. Many of us on here fall into this category. Bernadette and Duane continue to be the shining stars in determination and resilience.

At the end of the 3 hour appointment ( yes it was a dye job, haircut and pampering), this new client and I had formed this lovely relationship with a common bond. It was evident in our discussions that whilst physically I am not carrying a baby and she is, we both are emotionally attached, have same worries, same excitement and that we are both already expectant parents.

I am so thankful for this experience. It has enriched my life ......