Sunday, 10 November 2013

Our worldwide SCI Family

It has been a few months since I last blogged. Not because I am slack just it is a busy world with 3 babies!

In October we had our great friends from Argentina stay with us. We met Gachy and Fernando in New Delhi in November 2012 as they were also awaiting the arrival of their baby Francisco who arrived 6 days before our three. We became good friends with them and since our return home we have been in regular contact with them. Having 4 babies in the house and trying to show our Argentinian family the tourist sites of Victoria was no mean feat but we managed to get away to the Great Ocean Road 12 Apostles etc.....the weather was so so cold and windy.

Here is a pic of all of us at the 12 Apostles.

Whilst our friends were staying with us, we were so happy to hear that our Miami friends Rueben and Ryan had been successful in legally adopting their twins Zara and Aiden. We skyped them to wish them congratulations. Ryan, Gachy and myself hit the Sarojini Nagar  markets together a couple of times in 2012 for baby items as well as spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together.

During October we were also so excited to hear of another SCI couple's success with the birth of their baby boy Pono. Congratulations to our Hawaiian friends Robert and Joanne (and their dog Woody).

For me, the unexpected and delightful part of our surrogacy journey has been the wonderful worldwide SCI family that has been created. The strong bonds that have been formed across the globe often bring tears to my eyes. This includes our very own Australian SCI'ers and I treasure the new friendships that have been formed especially the Baker family and their gorgeous boy Kai whom our Lilly girl makes goo goo eyes at!!

I have started planning our bubs 1st Birthday party and I cant believe how quickly this year has flown. Our babies are growing up fast. Lilly is crawling everywhere and trying hard to get to standing position on her own without help. Sophie loves her sleep and pretty much sleeps right through the night for 11 - 12 hours and is always happy to have long naps during the day. Jack has decided he can hold his own bottle and is feeding himself. Lilly also wants to do this now - the independence I am starting to see from all of them is such a delight. They are such gorgeous little people. How did I get so lucky?

Here is a recent picture of our three treasures sitting on their sofas.
Jack on the blue sofa, Sophie in the middle and Lilly at the end.

I am not at all prepared for Christmas mainly because I was busy in India in December 2012 and I missed the Melbourne Boxing Day sales - this is where I do alot of my Christmas shopping for the next year!!!

Must go now. There are many out there in this worldwide SCI family that are trying for a sibling. I wish you all the best and sending babydust your way.xxxxxxx