Saturday, 27 October 2012


Hi Everyone,

After alot of anxiety with trying to get hubby's visa we have sorted it out. I got my visa within 3 days but hubby's well we had to keep nagging the processing area. In reality the processing arm of the Consul were out of their depth. My very smart husband  sat in the queue at the processing centre and then asked to see the manager. As it was clear to him that they were floundering with what to do, he asked for an appointment with the Consul, of which he got within a matter of a day.

The wonderful Meg and Margarida also assisted us with ideas to try and expedite this along and also with some assistance from Sam Everingham (Surrogacy Australia) we are now on track.

Hubby arrived early for his appointment and they took him up straight away and he met directly with the Vice Consul. The processing arm clearly had not provided any of the information we had supplied. What they needed was:
1)copies of our marriage certificate (they seem to want to know that we had been together for 2 years or more)
2) copy of our surrogacy contract
3) Letter for Dr Shivani
4) Birth certificates etc

Hubby had taken extra copies into the appointment with him....he also gave the Consul a copy of a National Police Check Andrew had recently had done for another non related purpose. They were impressed by that actually as it went to his good character they said.

Anyway, the Vice Consul explained that his visa would be successfully processed as they had sufficient information.  By the time hubby got home from the city, he had emails from the processing centre saying his application had been successful accepted and he should receive it within 4-5 days. Yay!!!!!!

So any IP's planning on doing the surrogacy visa dont even bother with the processing centre ....The Consul recommended people in similar circumstances to come straight to them for an appointment.

So our anxiety levels have now dissipated over that issue and we are now eagerly awaiting the birth of our 3 babies....Delhi here we come in 4 weeks time!  Yay!!!!!!!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lists....are they a sign of nesting??

I have lists my handbag, in my head and now I am getting so anal I have A3 style butcher's paper up around my work office walls with all the planning and work I need to get through for the remaining 4 weeks...

I have never really been like this but I am finding the lists strangely calming as I progress through what we need to get done and I can tick items off. Today, we had our 3 baby car seats professionally fitted in the Landcruiser. It wasn't an easy job for the professional but pleased to say they are now done.... Hubby and I became teary driving back home peering into the back to see the three car seats there....we never thought the day would come when this would happen.

There is this great place nearby to us that sell second hand baby and kids gear at a drastically reduced price and they know us very well in there. We were there getting the car seat fitted when I found something very important for the baby see we have Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore and I think somebody is buying us a Piglet....but who was missing from this crew that has an Australian heritage??? That's right it is Roo!!! Hard to come by but we got it....I also got great baby netting for the cots....the lady knows us so well now she gave us a bag of sample nappies, bepanthen etc etc....very very handy and so thoughtful.

Our bags are all packed apart from toiletries and underwear (baby's gear all packed). I think we will be managing to take about 300 nappies with us which will only last about 10 days with 3 babies so will be ordering further nappies online when we get there. I have my visa just waiting for hubby to get his...we applied under medical/surrogacy for his and had some difficulty but they have now gone away to process it (we hope) and havent asked for further information. Hubby will go into Melbourne CBD office if he hasnt heard anything mid week and jump on their wheel to get it done..........we leave in 5 weeks time tomorrow ....yes I know so far ahead of schedule I am ridiculous but I cant help myself.....I have been waiting all my life for this to happen and I think I really believe it  now........God please look after our babies and our wonderful surro mums in the interim.....

Photo: Look who we found......Roo quite rare to find has hopped in to the nursery with Pooh and friends

Sunday, 7 October 2012

What a beautiful Baby Shower

My lovely, lovely family organised a baby shower this afternoon for me. Amazing handmade decorations of paper onesies with pooh bear on them pinned across the fireplace.....a big colourful sign saying "Congrats on Becoming a Mum"....yummy food , wonderful company with good friends, some fun little games and some amazingly generous gifts. I am so emotional tonight......

I told my sister this the other night and also shared this with everyone today. My sister L is an amazing Mum and reminds me of our mother.....I told my sister how I aspire to be a great Mum like I thank God I have my sisters around to help me to learn from them given that our Mum has now passed big little sister "N" is so caring and generous and I cant wait to see her hugging our babies......I feel so blessed with my family and friends......I feel blessed we are having 3 blog subject is soon to be a long awaited reality....I feel it so close within our reach.....please God let it really happen......

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Everything is okay.....phew!!

Hi Everyone

We got news last night that our surro mummy is doing fine and has been discharged from hospital back to home. That is a relief. I would really like to thank my surro family for your kinds words, support and thoughts.

Our flights are booked on Singapore Airlines and we will arrive Monday 26 November 2012...we seem to have got the last of the cheaper flights as the prices go up from 1 December 2012. We have a flexible fare on our way back as we wont know the status of any applications until approx 7 Jan 2013 when the Australian High Commission returns from their holiday break and of course whilst we are confident that the twins will arrive pre Christmas our single bub could go two weeks either way.....

We have been fortunate enough to get some great house sitters who will look after the puppy dogs, cat and of course the house. This is savings us $$$$ in kennel fees. The beauty of it all is our house sitters are flexible and are planning to stay in Melbourne until end of February so we can extend their stay if we need to.....I love it when a plan comes together.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Surro Mummy in hospital

We received an email last night ...our surro mummy "K" has been hospitalised but everything sounds like a precaution.......our poor  SM has had loose motions and to ensure she is okay they have hospitalised her and placed her on an IV antiobiotic drip. We will find out more tomorrow as today is a public holiday in India (Ghandi Day I think)

Now I know loose motions could be a symptom of preterm labour but hey it could just be simply that -  loose motions/ we are telling ourselves not to worry about it........easier said than done...we are worrying about this............we are so thankful that "K" is being well looked after by Dr Shivani and the team. We hope she makes a speedy recovery.