Tuesday, 6 August 2013

We live in such a great place.....

I feel so lucky and blessed...not only did my lifelong dream of becoming a mum come true, I live in a wonderful country and with a great local Council that is supportive of our babies. A week ago our babies were officially welcomed to Frankston region by the mayor. Our babies received a lovely certificate and a showbag with books, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc. The ceremony was lovely and they had a beautiful afternoon tea with blue and pink cupcakes. Here is a photo of us and the Mayor with our three bubbas.

I finally got a place for all our three in the same day care centre  once a week and the centre is right across the road from us. They had their first day there today and Mummy cried walking back home. But they enjoyed it very much and they are so exhausted they are now soundly sleeping. I missed them very much but also enjoyed having some time to myself.

They are growing up so fast and their favourite new toy at the moment is the Jolly Jumper.
 Miss Sophie just hanging around in the Jolly Jumper
 Lovely Lilly girl enjoying her thumb
Jack loves the farmyard exesaucer activity centre

On a final note, we are very excited that our Argentinian friends whom we met over in Delhi during baby pickup are planning to come to Australia in October...we cant wait to see them


  1. Beautiful kids and wonderful pictures. Have enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing the progress of the kids. They are definitely growing fast. Best wishes...

  2. Wow getting welcomed by the Mayor how awesome is that! Beautiful bubbas xx