Thursday 28 August 2014

It has been a while

I cant believe that our gorgeous three are now 20 months old and the terrible twos are fast approaching!

Seriously being their Mum just keeps getting better. I still pinch myself that we got so lucky.

They are climbing everywhere, running (although Sophie is still more tottery than Lilly and Jack)

Jack is now in his own room because he was able to climb safely out of his cot. He now has a racing car bed and loooves it

Here are some recent pics.

 Jack's racing car bed

 I love this a beautiful lake and park in Lysterfield Victoria watching the ducks
 Having fun riding the miniature railway pictured Jack, Lilly then Sophie
 Jack loves playing in tunnels
 It's hard to keep their pants on these days.....preferring to watch Daddy mow the lawn then play dressup with Mummy!
 Sophie adored the Carousel at Luna Park
And Lilly loooved the horses too!
And finally a video that captures our kids they are on Chuggington ride. That white jumper Sophie is wearing had chocolate milkshake all over it later that day!

Congratulations to our gorgeous extended family in Argentina on the birth of Teo Benjamin....a very successful sibling project through SCI. Love you Palmese Family! And to Jenni and Brian and their gorgeous newborn daughter Rani - so over the moon for you.

Finally I am so so happy that we had our children through SCI under the very capable hands of Dr Shivani. I love being part of this special family. xxxx Love to you all and our surrogate Mums  L and K xxxxx


  1. OH MY GOODNESS they have grown so much!!!! I know you must be having a blast. I hope all is well. Give everyone my best. Fred

  2. Beautiful photos, your three children are divine. Keep up the good work! X

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