Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lest we forget....

So today is a very solemn day in the history of Australia and New Zealand. For it is ANZAC Day. A day we remember those brave men and women who fought overseas to defend the freedom we enjoy today. On the shores of Gallipoli on this day in 1915 many, many Australian lives were lost. It was also on this day that many Aussie troops based near Villers-Bretonneux in France started an attack that ended up in the German Army retreating and ruined the German plan of using their significant weaponry to destroy Paris. 

I always become emotional on this day as I try to comprehend the enormous sacrifice my fellow Australians made for me and others on this day. Made even more poignant as both my father and mother were in the Army. My father did not end up serving in the Vietnam War but was on his way there when the army pulled him back home, as my mother had become very ill after the birth of my sister. The Army felt this was best given that there would be 4 young children possibly orphaned if my mother had passed away. I believe this saved my father from perishing in the Vietnam war. My mother grew stronger in time and then they had me, their final child. So I am enormously thankful to be on this earth.

My mum and dad passed away nearly 5 years ago and they are buried together not far from my home. Their headstone which was approved by the Australian War Memorial proudly bears the insignia of the Australian Army similar to the one pictured above.

Just like the ANZAC's, I will never forget my parents...for what they did for their country....for what they did for me.......I know they are looking after our little seedlings at the moment ........I know they are smiling at the thought we will be having babies soon........Lest we forget. Love you Mum and Dad


  1. Up for the dawn service, freezing cold,
    We spent the day with a very special man, David's Grandad 99 years old, who fought for freedom in WW11. He is so excited that on his 100 Birthday next year he could have another Great Grandchild, he has put on 10kg and keeping himself in better nic, just for us.

    Ian & David

  2. Ian and David.....I have goosebumps reading this. What a wonderful milestone to reach and I love that David's Grandad has put on that much weight and living life to the full to welcome in the great grandchild in 2013......Just beautiful

  3. I loved this post. Thanks for sharing. We should NEVER forget.

  4. This post moved my heart and i know they are THRILLED for you guys and your journey!!

    Good luck & All the best hun :)

    Hugs from Jersey