Wednesday, 4 April 2012

fish pedi spa

Today Andrew and I had a fish pedi spa at select city skywalk. The gurrarufa fish nibbled away gently and removes all the dead skin from your feet. Followed by foot wash, massage and herbal cream as well as neck back and shoulder massage this cost us a whole 750 rupees each for 45 mininges of relaxation. Awesome.. our 2 surro mummies have now been chosen for embryo transfer early next week. Wishing everyone a happy Easter


  1. Yes, good luck.

    Enjoy India as much as you can.

  2. Happy easter!!
    Good luck with everything!!

  3. We loved the fish pedi too at select city!!! Sam from Sam and Phil blog was sooooooo ticklish and funny we posted his fish time on utube!!!! Best wishes!!! Did I miss the Taj post???

    1. Hey lucylu just haven't been able to upload my photos properly. Loved the
      Taj. Take care