Saturday, 7 April 2012

Egg Collection Day

We are eagerlyawajting the report from Dr Shivani to see how many eggs have been collected from our egg donor. Andrew provided his last specimen today for fresh transfer to the eggs.Now we await the weekend where we are so hopeful that many A grade embryos are produced. It,s now up to Dr Shivani and her wonderful SCI team to do the rest.We are catching up with Ryan and Ruben again for dinner tomorrow night (India CAlling) they are amazing people and we feel so priveleged to have met them and to be sharing this journey. It will be sad to leave India but we head back to Australia early Sunday morning.


  1. Got my fingers crossed for you guys!! Big numbers and great quality!!! Enjoy yourselves while you are in India!!

  2. Best wishes for lots of eggies and not the easter type !