Sunday, 8 April 2012

Feelings of abandonment

I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but virtually as soon as our plane left the ground from Delhi, I became upset with myself. Why because I feel like I am abandoning potential babies that are still growing in the lab. I cant believe these emotions and I keep checking myself. I dont think the 2 hours of sleep that I had last night is helping me either. If this is my level of investment already the next 8-9 months are going to be a real doozy! Did anyone else go through similar feelings or am I the only one who has had this reaction?


  1. Totally understandable. I felt so sad for those little eggs in a dish and was somehow consoled by the idea they had to be kept at a particular temperature so at least they were warm ~ oh dear ~ It is the surreal nature of this process, some of the feelings are surreal too. Best wishes : )

  2. As we left Delhi a couple of months ago, my other half was asleep as we took off and I had a gush of tears as we ascended . Partly because of disbelief that it was actually happening, partly because I loved Delhi and would miss the country , but mostly because I was leaving behind many potential lives that were of me. A surreal whirlwind seven days that I would never forget! An emotional week that felt so right !

    1. So glad that I am not the only one to have felt this way. I tell hubby how I feel and I think he also feels same way but doesnt verbalise it and when I tell him he tears up!

  3. We also felt a sort of abadonment, BUT, we knew our little embryos were in the very best of hands and that gave us great peace, and hope! Cannot wait to follow along with your journey!

  4. I definitely felt like we were leaving something behind. Strangely I still feel that way about our frozen embryos. This whole process is an emotional whirlwind.