Sunday, 12 February 2012

Travel Plans

Well our passports have not arrived as yet so we cannot enrol with SCI or confirm our travel plans to India as yet. It's a pain as we are still hoping to touchdown in India at the end of March or early April. I like to be organised but there is nothing further I can do until the passports are in our hands. We have been thinking of tacking onto our Indian expedition some travel to Dubai or Phuket. Reasons being it will be a long time before overseas travel will be on the schedule if we become parents, so perhaps we should do so now. The other half of my brain says to me"No just go to India and save the money for bubs or for further attempts at surrogacy". Regardless I have to admit that I am failing miserably at having a balanced life with my thoughts fastly being consumed with dreams of becoming a Mum. So I better go to the gym everyday to improve my focus, lose that weight and get myself fit for when I do become a Mum........see there I go again!!!


  1. For some reason, I feel like no matter how much we plan, nothing will go according to plan anyway! Have you chosen a hotel in Delhi? That's my current project... I'm thinking to go a little early and spend some time in Jaipur before heading to Delhi. Best of luck planning...

  2. Good luck with all your planning!!

  3. Thanks Lisa!

    R & R we havent chosen a hotel as yet in India. Would love to stay at Svelte etc but a bit pricey so might have to stay at Hotel Le Roi....probably will speak to SCI's concierge to help us with that. Because we want to go to the Taj Mahal we will also arrange for a hotel for one night closer to Agra since it is such a drive!Got any recommendations on where to stay? Thanks mel

    1. I was looking at Svelte or the Hilton Garden Inn... both are a little pricey so I'm not sure yet. They give a good discount if you book 21 days in advance. I am thinking I want to stay somewhere we might stay when/if baby pick up occurs - just so we could get a feel for the place. The concierge sent me a few places to check out - Tulip apartments, ILH (it's a B&B), and Apt. 18. I think we are just gonna do a day trip to Agra.

  4. Hello and welcome to the journey! We stayed at ILH BnB, it was well-located, clean and quiet but price-wise I think close to the cost of a hotel. Agra we just did as a day trip - a long day, but do-able! And the Taj is a must. Good luck!

  5. Apartment 18 looks really nice so we might ask Shillpi to see what sorts of rates are doable. We might stay in the extra large studio for this trip and ask to see the bigger apartments as research for if/when babies are born. There is so much to see around Agra including the fort so I think we will do the overnight even if we are paying two lots of accommodation for one night Thanks for your help.

  6. Hey just think your doing it and it will become real. I know your feeling. I got my dates set for the first week in May, I am just waiting on my Visa which I was told I will get it in a week or so. Got my plane tickets got my appointments and I am ready to go, now is the waiting game, I feel what you are feeling. If you need a ear give me a shout.