Thursday, 2 February 2012

Decision made - Advance!

After a horrendous 2011, the end of the year saw hubby and I making serious considerations about moving forward with surrogacy. Events of 2011 saw us reassessing our priorities and when we started to read more about programs of surrogacy in India, we became interested in finding a provider that might be able to help us with parenthood. So far Margarida and Meg from SCI have been unbelievably responsive with my questions and it is so comforting to know that they have been through this journey themselves.  Hubby has finalised all his testing and we are just waiting on some results to come back, our passport applications are in (as our previous ones have expired) so we are hoping we will be enrolling in the next 2-4 weeks. We look forward to choosing our egg donors and we are making plans to travel to New Delhi hopefully for sometime in late March early April to meet the SCI team and obviously to make a little deposit, to kick off what I expect will be a rollercoaster ride of emotion.
One of the biggest questions my husband and I have been challenging ourselves with, are we too old to be first time parents? We are in our mid forties. I havent told many people about this just my doctor and 1 other health professional and my 2 sisters who will be nominees. They all say to me how we will make the best parents and importantly raised how energetic we are. The only thing they said was you need alot of energy when they become teenagers !

I am looking forward to enrolling properly with SCI and reading other people's blogs of their experience towards parenthood. I am hoping 4 attempts will bless us with bubs!

 I have added a photo of 2 of our fur children frollicking on a beach in Port Stephens...they certainly keep us busy!


  1. Congrats on starting the blogging journey. For what it's worth, we became pregnant at 43 and parents at 44 - a dream come true for us :).

    I've taken the libery of adding you to my and a few other blog lists,

  2. Fantastic to hear that ! Thanks for adding me as well!