Friday, 3 February 2012

And our nominees are......(well the Oscars aren't far away are they?)

My wonderful 2 is so amazing! I am the youngest of 5 girls and my middle sister and I never really understood each other as I was growing up. I was jealous of her because she was doing things I wanted to do before I was really old enough . It was hard for her because my 2 oldest sisters were close in age and consequently sort of close in relationship. My other sister is only 18 months older than me so we have always been very close. My sister - let's call her Britt (because she loved Rod Stewart growing up) was really out there by herself. Now some 10 years later I am very close to her. She was marvellous when we went through IVF which saw her donating her eggs. She was incredible when Mum and Dad were ill and then passed on. She has been amazing now and so happy that we are trying this avenue to become parents. Britt has two girls and one is a teenager and the other is now in university. She is telling me that I must save some energy for the terrible teens! My other sister let's call her Anna (as she used to sing like Anna from Abba) is so caring and generous. When my parents needed care she shared that responsibility with me for 6 months (we took it in shifts) Anna has the loveliest nature and my what a parent she would make! Anna has no children either. I think this is through choice and her current situation. Anna has been married same length of time I have been married (coming up to 17 years). Anna married Raghbir and he comes from the Punjab in India. They have been to India several times so that's right they are going to help us where they can and will probably travel with us if/when we are successful with bubs! I am thinking that Anna might really want a baby but feels she is too old to carry it. Maybe our journey and experience will help her. I know how much she has helped me now and over the years. Britt and Anna - I love you so much!

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