Saturday, 25 February 2012

A fabulous fabulous start !

We got the egg donor we wanted yay!!!!!!!! It seems that our 5ft 8 egg donor is ready to start treatment next week so we are so happy about our surrogacy journey getting off to such a great start! Secondly, I got that new job so "bye bye old employer" and a "big  hello and I love you to my new organisation". I will be starting my new job after we return from New Delhi.

My new role and the employer is set in seaside regional location (absolutely beautiful) and is an hour drive  from my home. And these will be easy country kilometres in driving. Not like the dreaded commute into the city that often takes me over 1hour 15 minutes by public transport or if I am lucky on a good day I can drive in 55 minutes (good days are like during school holidays when the roads are less busy).

One of the things I will struggle with at my new employer is feeling a bit dishonest about not telling them anything when in 9months or so time if successful I will be taking off (I will just resign though). However there is nothing to tell them yet. I wont be telling them anything until we know if we have a viable bub (20 weeks or so). Some of you may say well why didnt you just stay at your old employer? It was simply time for me to leave. I needed a new challenge and have needed that for some time. I have leave being paid out by my old employer (long service leave and annual leave) which will aid in the financial sense and being able to care for any babies that do come along. It also gives us some money up our sleeves if we need to give surrogacy multiple attempts.

It's a Brave New World this 2012 and I am loving it!


  1. Congratulations... change is a good thing! Wishing you much peace and happiness on your journey!

  2. New year, new job , new bubs & a renewed self. Well done! promising start to the journey ahead :)

  3. Here's to a new year, new job and new baby!! Hoping lots of good things for you in 2012!