Saturday, 3 March 2012

Well I'm ready to go!

After a little snag with our visas (they rejected our first application because the photos we used to get our Australian passports were not good enough for the Indian Visa!!), our visas have now been approved. Our fur children back at home will be very well cared for by our gorgeous niece let's call her "R", who will be moving in during our Indian Odyssey. I even think our 2 dogalogs and pusscat will end up being spoiled by her!

I do so hope and pray we are successful. We haven't told many people about our baby plans apart from very close family. They are excited for us including "R" and her sister "A" with so many offers already to babysit as well as lots of question about how it all happens. I cant help but be excited as well but the high step I am on at the moment means there is pain on the fall of disappointment. I have almost convinced myself that it wont happen on our first attempt (there is that wall that I am clinging onto so I dont fall from that high excitement perch). I am so glad we can share our feelings on here. There is an awesome amount of support and I thank you for all your well wishes and comments.

Finally, I was in the chemist yesterday and they had a sale on very cute stuffed toys for only $5 (AUD) each. They had a green crocodile/alligator with different coloured swirls and shapes and they also had an orange crocodile/alligator (similar to picture). I was so tempted to buy them but I held back as my superstition set in that I should not jinx the process. I am sure many of us are chomping at the bit (aussie saying which means  eager) to make small little purchases like these. Anyone been tempted lately to buy baby goods?


  1. We haven't even started the surrogacy journey yet and I saw those same toys in our chemist the other day and wanted to buy one. I'm going to have such a hard time holding back once we start! LOL. Congrats on being ready. Best of luck. Zee

  2. Goodluck on the journey

  3. Oh geez, you've posed this question to the wrong person! I just spent 6 very long months "looking, placing in cart, putting back." Here we are at 27 weeks and we are officially going crazy with the purchases-- as in, we are actually "purchasing" items. This process certainly makes you a nut. I CANNOT wait to see Delhi pics. Good luck to you!!!

  4. Wishing a very successful trip. I started shopping at approx week 26 and have enjoyed every minute. Nearly done now. Did plenty of browsing beforehand but didn't buy. You should do whatever feels right for you. Good luck.

  5. Thanks for all your kind words, It means so much to me. I know your feeling when seeing baby toys, and I had troubles with my Indian Visa too, but when all was done I got it. I know I will be fine, i feel fine now. My head has always been to have my kids, I dont need someone in my life, I just want my family, thats my most improatant. to bad I will not see you when I am in India in May love to sat down with you guys and talk. Good luck.

  6. Good luck and have a safe trip !!
    best wishes

  7. Best of Luck!

    I LOVE to shop & even though we went through hard times, I was happy with all my baby buys that started from the very beginning of the journey as I KNEW it would work eventually & now our baby girls are wearing and using all the things I bought.

    SJ & B xx