Monday, 26 March 2012

Jaipur - The Pink City

Well after 26 hours combined air travel and transit between Australia and India we arrived in India on Thursday night and after one night in Delhi we travelled to the wonderful city of Jaipur. We have done so much in just a short number of days from riding elephants, seeing AMber Fort, City Palace, viewing magical and very colourful street processions for the Gangaur festival (to celebrate women - although no women actually in the parade!). We have also already seen a tailor and got ourselves a fabulous deal of suits and shirts etc for ourselves/ And shoes - yay I love shoes but am stopping at buying just two pairs for myself!

We met some wonderful people from North Hampshire and I think we have made some lifetime friends there. We went out with them racing Tuk Tuk's to and from the Peacock Rooftop Restaurant at Pearl Palace Hotel. So much fun!

I have found myself incredibly emotional on this journey. I am not one to cry at the drop of a hat. I find India an amazing land of contradiction. Family is very important to them. However then you see many aspects where life does not seem to be treated as precious with some children deliberately maimed to become professional beggers.My hubby and  I hold out much hope when we return to Delhi to start our surrogacy treatment. This will be in full swing from 2 April.

I will upload some photos when my phone is recharged.

Anyone wanting to stay in Jaipur, a great 3 star hotel that we are staying in is called the Hotel Umaid Bhawna (near Bani Park). It is very ornate and you can choose from a deluxe room with a canopy bed or a royal suite. Only about $40 - $50 AUD per day including breakfast and wifi)

All the best. Namaste!


  1. Great to hear you are having a wonderful time and Tuk tuk races - outstanding ! Rajasthan is probably my favourite state, so diverse.

    I was incredibly emotional on my last trip too, tears at every turn and that was my 4th time in India, you would think I would be well acclimated but I am glad my heart is connected and touched by such a place.

    Best of wishes for a successful outcome to your Rx.

  2. It sounds like your having so much fun, I am 39 days away from the start of my journey and I am just so excited as well. enjoy your fun and let us know how dehli is


  3. We were lucky enough to enjoy the Gangaur festival in Udaipur last year... beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your trip.