Saturday, 17 March 2012

Phew...we managed to update our wills

With the excitement of our very imminent surrogacy journey, I almost forgot to update our wills.....I am very very pleased to advise though that they are now updated leaving my two lovely sisters as guardians of any children born through surrogacy, if the unthinkable happens to us.

We had our updated wills witnessed by 2 nice Police Constables. One of them was absolutely fascinated when we told them why we had updated our wills to be modified in line with the surrogacy plans. Judging by the amount of questions they asked I think they were more enthusiastic than my mother in law! They also thought it was archaic that Australia had not made surrogacy legal.

Anyway now that our legal paperwork is sorted and my "important documents" folder is fully complete for my sister who will be Executor should anything unfortunate happen, I feel alot better. My sister has a full copy of our travel itinerary, our travel insurance policy, our superannuation fund policies, copy of our passports and birth and marriage certificates , house titles as well as all our financial arrangements including the details regarding payment to SCI and the program itself. It's probably overkill but better to be organised so that any children born to us are well and truly provided for.

Anybody else updating their wills etc?


  1. Hi guys we are three weeks in to our journey with SCI and we have two postive pregnancy results, only early days.
    India will be a real eye opener, but the team at SCI are fantastic, make sure you get to visit the Taj Mahal while you are visiting India, Rahul's western taxi service was the best and Rahul is such a beautiful person. His number while you are there is 9560275864.
    We wish you all the best as you are in good hands with Dr Shivani and her team.
    Kindest Regards
    Ian & David

  2. HI, well I am not even going to do a will until I have sacs and I am past a certian point, in my mind it makes no sense, SCI is almost paid off i just own them the final payment due at 36 weeks but I am sure ill have it paid off befor I even go over in May, because I like to not have any stress Knowing its paid off and hopefully I have free sailing is what I need. But what makes you happy ans feel safe go for it

  3. You are so organized!!! Well done!!! This is such an important issue and to be honest with everything else going on something had not thought about yet. Thanks for putting this thought into my head...will be added to the TO DO List which seems to get longer all the time. Thanks again and best wishes on your trip!!! K