Sunday, 11 March 2012

I Just Couldn't Resist..........

Well I was out having lunch at a beautiful garden nursery with a friend of mine and in the gift shop they had some Easter decorations etc. They just happened to have these 2 toy bunny rabbits. These rabbits are a boy and a girl and are dressed in grey's and whites. I had to buy them. Why? Well they are a fairly safe colour and after all it is Easter soon, so I justified buying them as Easter decorations, knowing in the back of my mind how beautiful these bunnies will look in a baby's nursery one day. Here's a pic of them. I really like them as they remind me of that famous children's author Beatrix Potter. I love Beatrix Potter and her whimsical writing about not only Peter Rabbit but all the other characters including Jemima Duck and Mrs. Tittlemouse. My Mum used to read these stories to me and I really enjoyed the beautiful illustrations. So it's likely I will plan to have a Beatrix Potter themed Nursery if we are so blessed with bubs. I think that is also fairly safe considering not being able to know what the gender is of any babies being born through surrogacy. How have other people planned around their nursery themes? I would love to hear from other IP's and parents as to how they handled this. I cant help myself I am a born planner and need to do lots of thinking and research before I leap!

It's less than 2 weeks (11 days) before we fly out to India and I am so excited! We have arranged a good deal with Rahul (associated with SCI) for a driver and a car to be with us for 9 days as we explore the sights of Agra and Jaipur. We will be doing most of our sightseeing before we travel back to Delhi. We are staying in Apartment 18 in Delhi for a little over a week to start our very hopeful surrogacy journey. 


  1. I bought some baby bits before our journey even made me feel positive that it was going to be a success :) Less than 2 wks to go...yeah!! Good Luck

  2. I cant wait for you to go over, Just like I cant wait to go over eitehr I have 53 days before I go NOt like I am counting hey. I am just so excited.

  3. They are such sweet bunnies, you are right they will look great in a nursery Xx