Thursday, 10 January 2013

We survived the FRRO......

Our babies got Australian citizenship on Tuesday 8 January 2013 and yesterday we got their emergency passports. I will never be able to thank the wonderful people at the Australian High Commission and DFAT enough for making the process go so smoothly for us and our babies - this was very quick given DNA results did not arrive until Tuesday morning. Any Aussies on this journey over the next six months the contact at the High Commission is Jennie MitchelL and she is fantastic. A big thankyou to Maree Rogers for giving Andrew the tips and her contacts for this process....

Today we went to the FRRO with our 3 babies in hand. I had every document under the sun and more learning from other people's  previous experience.....the only additional item they asked us for was for us to write a document to certify that we undertake to care for our babies born through surrogacy. That was easy - I wrote it and hubby and I both signed it straight away on the spot. A fairly redundant document though in our at 11.30am we thought we were home and hosed with babies passports being stamped.....lo and behold they then started questioning Andrew about his surrogacy visa  (medical visa).....Why did you not register with the FRRO as you have a medical visa? As Andrew tried to explain that his visa was a surrogacy visa they did not care. They said well you need an exit visa now yourself and we will fine you. So Andrew had to go to a cyber cafe, register for exit permit and then queue up again. My niece and I came home with the three babies and we were home at about 1pm....with babies passports with exit permits in hand. For Aussies it is 3700 INR per exit visa - I dont understand why there are different costs if you come from a different country???

At about 3.30pm Andrew came home with his exit visa in hand at a cost of 1600 the process is over ....we head home this Sunday 13 January 2013 to the loving arms of our family......sigh of relief

It feels so surreal......India has become a second home........we not only feel blessed to now have our three bubs but to be part of a special family with lots of Indian cousins that are living around the world.  So to Aiden and Zara and Ryan and Ruben and to Francisco and Gachy and Fernando - this is not goodbye but see ya later or in Hindi fill a malinga (बाद में मिलेंगे).......we love you all very much and are forever in our hearts.....we are going home to save money for future trips for ourselves and babies to visit their cousins in Miami and Argentina......

Love Sophie, Lilly, Jack, Mel and Andrew and Rachel


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy and excited for you. Wishing you a great flight home.

  2. I love this feedback as I am there in a little over a week to pick up my bundle of joy. My best friend that I have mad over the internet has been such a wonderful help. I am on medical visa, and I was told by the consulate in chicago to india that I must be on a medical visa for this, so That is what I am on. I will register once I am ther so I have no real probelms. Everyone that post on here to help us out that are coming out there soon so thanks alot and I am soo happy you are going home with babies. have a safe trip home


    1. Hi Michael
      Did you switch from Tourist to Medical visa? Or did you start the surrogacy process already on a Medical visa? I'm getting worried a bit when we pick up our twins in April. Thanks!

  3. I'm so glad you've jumped your last hurdle! The FRRO is certainly an unforgettable experience. I can't wait to visit you guys in Australia... We've already started planning places we want to take you when you come visit us here in Florida!

  4. Safe journey home with your beautiful family

  5. Have a safe journey home and we would love to catch up with you once you settle in back home xx

  6. Congratulation Happy Family!
    Wishing you a safe trip home xxx

  7. Congratulations on getting through all of that Australian and Indian paperwork. I travelled on a 6 month medical visa and its wording said I did not have to register with FRRO (or have a personal exit visa) if my visa was for 6 months or less. There was no mention of needing a personal exit visa when I was at FRRO getting exit visas for my twins BUT at the airport a very grumpy immigration official demanded one from me and said I couldn't travel. My explanation was ignored as was the wording on the visa and the views of 2 other immigration officers who agreed with me. The official went off to make phone calls and returned 20 minutes later saying I could go before suddenly demanding copies of the surrogacy contract and everything else presented at FRRO. I shrugged (perhaps shrieked as well) and politely said they were in my checked-in luggage and that he did not need to see them as FRRO had already checked it and provided the exit visas. He cursed me in Hindi and let us all board. It was a very unpleasant end of a most fantastic 7 week stay in India.