Monday, 21 January 2013

More Homecoming pictures....Love Actually

Thanks everyone for your lovely well wishes on our homecoming and also support around the less than welcoming other side of the family. We are very blessed already with the family and friends we do have which includes the wonderful people we were priveleged to meet on this journey.

Have posted some more homecoming pics ...these ones were taken at Melbourne airport by a dear friend who is more like family thanks so much Nigel (Tracey's equally fantastic half) reminds me of that movie "Love Actually" where they have filmed the comings and goings of people at an airport and the emotions this ensues...

Into the arms of loving big sisters!
Baby huddle!

Aunit Nic and Lilly girl 

Auntie Nic with Lilly and Rachel holding Jack - she was amazing  in India

I love this pic our niece Alix (Rachel's sister) meets Lilly for the first time

Auntie Lindee with Jack as her daughter Rachel looks on who cared for Jack on the flight home

Dad with the bags and Sophie who still has her socks on!

Family pics

More family pics

Dad with Sophie girl and bestest friend Tracey

A tired new Mummy after the flight but happy to be home
The obligatory running towards each other me and my niece Alix who was absolutely busting at the seams to meet her new cousins

Tracey cuddling Sophie

More family pics

And more


  1. Thanks for sharing, I am so glad that you had a awesome homecoming you deserve it. :)

  2. ahhhh thats so true, you sure do have the love actually moments, so sweet!

  3. Yay! It must feel so great to finally be home sweet home!

  4. Congratulations, absolutely awesome! xx