Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Meeting more great friends on this journey

On Friday night we also met another lovely lovely couple who are at the end of their SCI journey. Fernando and Gachy from Argentina. When we met them they knew instantly who we were from reading our Bless us with Bubs blog.

Last night we went out to celebrate the birth of their beautiful son Francisco Augustine. Here is a pic of our celebrations.

For those of you in Delhi who want to try some really yummy food at decent prices that wont break the bank go to Beluga in GK2 M Block Market (yes there is an M Block in GK 1 and GK2). They have a great terrace bar that has heaters for the cooler nights and they have a restaurant. So far we have tried their vegetable tempura (yummy melt in the mouth), tenderloin (buffalo) lasagne, duck confit salad, thai chicken, tom yum soup, tiramisu and cherry roulade.

Really worth going to.

Today we hope to find out when our babies will be scheduled for c-section.

Hopefully there will be news soon. And if anyone is looking for a great 3 bedroom apartment for baby pick up I have to recommend where we are staying. It is about $3500 USD per month but has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, washing machine within fully equipped kitchen, 2 sunny bathrooms and in a quiet area of GK2. I will eventually post some pictures on here for you to see. It is huge and we have our own sitting room and dining area and the master bedroom is huge too!.

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  1. Hi what is the name of the appartment you are staying in?