Saturday, 29 December 2012

How quickly a week passes

I cant believe it has been a week since I last blogged! Getting the babies into a routine and getting to know them, Christmas parties, haggling for good prices for baby clothes at Sarojini market, meeting our surrogate mothers, getting the paperwork rolling have all filled up our busy days! I did have a bit of a melt down on the night of Christmas Eve. After having a party with Ryan and Ruben Zara and Aiden, Gachy and Fernando and Francisco we did not finish up until 1am in the morning. The babies were very unsettled so I had zero sleep that night after having had maybe averaged 4 hours previous 3 nights. When the power went out at 4am in the morning and the heat went off 2 of the babies started howling and I could see nothing. I screamed out to Andrew who was soundly sleeping through all of this just like his son Jack who didnt wake up at brilliant husband came down and lit the gas stove so we could get heat and was all over in 30 minutes but I cried like my two daughters were crying telling them how sorry I was.....this was all because of sleep deprivation in the main. I have also been very emotional during the Christmas season because my dream has come true .

Anyways, we have decided that with 3 babies we will have a nurse every second night and have Lalit on an ongoing basis - she is really good!

Lunch at Moet's Restaurant on Christmas Day with the compliments of Dr Shivani and Dr Vishal was really lovely. A big thank you to them. Meeting other new parents was really good. A big shout out to Maree and Pat - I am so glad we met again having met up at a conference in Melbourne earlier this year. I am so looking forward to staying in touch with you.

Everything is looking good for us to fly home on 13 January, Thanks again to Maree for helping Andrew out at the High Commission. For Aussie IP's coming for baby pick up in the next 6 months. The contact at the Commission is Jennie Mitchell (she goes back to Australia though in 6 months time). Also the Commission will accept cash you dont need a bank cheque at also cannot apply for babies passports simultaneously - you must wait for citizenship certificate to be decided and then you can lodge the passport application. We are paying a priority processing fee of about $103 for each passport application and we need to explain reason for urgency but everything is great. We should have babies passports 9 or 10 Jan and then we can go to FRRO 11 or 12 Jan before we fly out on 13/1/13........

Here are some more pics since 21 Dec when I last blogged...wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2013.

 Sleeping Sophie girl

Lilly soundly sleeping

Christmas Day at Moets Restaurant Defense Colony compliments of Dr Shivani and Dr Vishal Gachy and myself wearing traditional dress
 Christmas Eve in our apartment with my friend and new Mum Gachy
 In celebration mode but still feeding babies from left to right me, Gachy with Sophie, Andrew with Jack and Ryan (India Calling) with Zara
 Our babies Christmas menagarie
 Daddy feeding Sophie and cuddling Jack (or burping him)
 Andrew and our dear friend Fernando (Gachy's husband and Francisco's Daddy)
 Jack at 1.5 weeks old
 Ryan, myself and Gachy at Sanjorini Market - best place for baby clothes - haggle for prices
Sophie the reindeer waving 
 Lilly girl my gorgeous kissable girl


  1. All three are so beautiful. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Best wishes for the new year

  2. Beautiful!!! What a wonderful christmas!!

  3. Beautiful post. Lovely photos of the beautiful babies. Wishing you all a Happy New year!xx

  4. Gorgeous little ones! Congratulations! Thank you for the tips! We will be there all going well in February picking up our twins. Would love if you have time and further tips!
    Good luck and safe travels for the next few weeks

  5. Great pics... So much has happened in a week!