Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Decorations in our Delhi Apartment

Whilst these pics dont really do justice to our apartment in New Delhi and the decorations go nowhere near to how over the top we decorate at home it is nice to have some Christmas warmth.

We met a lovely US couple today just starting their journey with SCI .  To respect their privacy, I will only use their initials  R and J - we had tea with them at the Coffee Bean at M Block in GK1 and are going to catch up with them again tomorrow night.

Hope everyone is well.

 Our small little tree

Christmas stairwell

 Starry starry lights

Christmas Pooh Bear Onesies leftover from my baby shower


  1. Lovely decorations :-) Yay! xxxx

  2. So festive! I can't wait to celebrate!!!

  3. I adore your spread of holiday cheer!!!

  4. ahh love your xmas spirit! not long now :)

  5. So happy to see your little ones will come home to a house filled with the Christmas spirit. This is a special time to be born - your own little Christmas miracles! When is the expected arrival date? Do you get to go to any ultrasound appointments? Best wishes to you both!!

  6. I heard that you two have found a great apartment over there!!! Would love to hear more about it for my own reference. Give R&J a hug for me, and if you're still over there when I get there in Jan, I'll buy you dinner too!


  7. Heyn this is Fred from dinner. I had a great time with you! I'm anxious to hear if the babies are here yet. Lol