Saturday, 27 October 2012


Hi Everyone,

After alot of anxiety with trying to get hubby's visa we have sorted it out. I got my visa within 3 days but hubby's well we had to keep nagging the processing area. In reality the processing arm of the Consul were out of their depth. My very smart husband  sat in the queue at the processing centre and then asked to see the manager. As it was clear to him that they were floundering with what to do, he asked for an appointment with the Consul, of which he got within a matter of a day.

The wonderful Meg and Margarida also assisted us with ideas to try and expedite this along and also with some assistance from Sam Everingham (Surrogacy Australia) we are now on track.

Hubby arrived early for his appointment and they took him up straight away and he met directly with the Vice Consul. The processing arm clearly had not provided any of the information we had supplied. What they needed was:
1)copies of our marriage certificate (they seem to want to know that we had been together for 2 years or more)
2) copy of our surrogacy contract
3) Letter for Dr Shivani
4) Birth certificates etc

Hubby had taken extra copies into the appointment with him....he also gave the Consul a copy of a National Police Check Andrew had recently had done for another non related purpose. They were impressed by that actually as it went to his good character they said.

Anyway, the Vice Consul explained that his visa would be successfully processed as they had sufficient information.  By the time hubby got home from the city, he had emails from the processing centre saying his application had been successful accepted and he should receive it within 4-5 days. Yay!!!!!!

So any IP's planning on doing the surrogacy visa dont even bother with the processing centre ....The Consul recommended people in similar circumstances to come straight to them for an appointment.

So our anxiety levels have now dissipated over that issue and we are now eagerly awaiting the birth of our 3 babies....Delhi here we come in 4 weeks time!  Yay!!!!!!!


  1. So happy you got it all sorted out and with a happy ending. OMG can't believe that you are going to India in four weeks. It just seems like yesterday that you were rejoicing with a BFP and now the time has come. You sound like you are as prepared as you can be and I know you are over the moon with joy! Safe travels and remember to keep us posted - we are so looking forward to baby pictures :-) I am going to predict one boy and two girls - I look forward to seeing if I am right ;-)

    1. My god Joann your prediction was so right...areyou psychic?

  2. Thank you for sharing. 4 weeks , the time has really flown!


  3. So glad the visas are all sorted out. See you in India in a few weeks!!!

  4. That's awesome that it all worked out!

  5. Great post & thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the baby pics very soon!!

  6. Hi,

    Your going to be leaving so soon for Delhi! I'm so excited for you and can't wait for your updates from India. Be in touch next month! :)