Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lists....are they a sign of nesting??

I have lists my handbag, in my head and now I am getting so anal I have A3 style butcher's paper up around my work office walls with all the planning and work I need to get through for the remaining 4 weeks...

I have never really been like this but I am finding the lists strangely calming as I progress through what we need to get done and I can tick items off. Today, we had our 3 baby car seats professionally fitted in the Landcruiser. It wasn't an easy job for the professional but pleased to say they are now done.... Hubby and I became teary driving back home peering into the back to see the three car seats there....we never thought the day would come when this would happen.

There is this great place nearby to us that sell second hand baby and kids gear at a drastically reduced price and they know us very well in there. We were there getting the car seat fitted when I found something very important for the baby see we have Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore and I think somebody is buying us a Piglet....but who was missing from this crew that has an Australian heritage??? That's right it is Roo!!! Hard to come by but we got it....I also got great baby netting for the cots....the lady knows us so well now she gave us a bag of sample nappies, bepanthen etc etc....very very handy and so thoughtful.

Our bags are all packed apart from toiletries and underwear (baby's gear all packed). I think we will be managing to take about 300 nappies with us which will only last about 10 days with 3 babies so will be ordering further nappies online when we get there. I have my visa just waiting for hubby to get his...we applied under medical/surrogacy for his and had some difficulty but they have now gone away to process it (we hope) and havent asked for further information. Hubby will go into Melbourne CBD office if he hasnt heard anything mid week and jump on their wheel to get it done..........we leave in 5 weeks time tomorrow ....yes I know so far ahead of schedule I am ridiculous but I cant help myself.....I have been waiting all my life for this to happen and I think I really believe it  now........God please look after our babies and our wonderful surro mums in the interim.....

Photo: Look who we found......Roo quite rare to find has hopped in to the nursery with Pooh and friends


  1. After reading your post, I feel inadequate and have more things to put on my to do lists! The nursery just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  2. How exciting,you've just made us a bit teary reading about the car seats.Hope all goes well with Andrews visa ,keep us posted on that. Five weeks will fly by.
    Cheers Ian & Dave

  3. It's really becoming real now with those car seats going in! Wow you guys are so organised. We'll be packing in the next few weeks and I've no idea where to start to be honest! Did you just make a list and triple everything? I'm debating to just double everything. Are you leaving the nappies boxed up or adding them to your luggage? I was going to find out the cost of extra luggage pre-booked with the airline as I fear we will be way over our 20kg limit (each). Would you mind sharing list of what you packed for bubs...otherwise I know I'll overpack!!! Thanks so much :)

    1. Hello A Delhi Ashi, What are we taking? Well we made sure we got 30 ks each of luggage as Singapore Air will charge $30USD for every kilo over. We are doing okay and still under 60kgs across 3 bags (the babies get 10kgs each for the return trip so I think I will be buying baby clothes and formula in abundance over in India to bring back.
      What we have packed so far
      3 x sleeping cocoons
      6 x warm bunny rugs (going into India's winter)
      6 x muslim wraps
      6 baby facewashers
      300 disposable nappies (out of the boxes) and going to order online when we get there
      Nappy bags
      Wipes x 480
      Disposable change mats
      15 x singlets
      9 pairs of mittens
      9 x onesies
      9 x bodysuits long sleeve
      Baby bath and massage oil
      15 Disposable, sterile and individually wrapped baby bottles (Baby Bunting stock them - for the plane ride home)
      s26 stick packet formula (again for plane travel home)
      6 dummies (avent)
      1 x Microwave baby bottle steriliser
      12 baby bottle (9 newborn No 1 flow 3 next flow up)
      Cot sheets
      Boottees/socks x 12
      Baby Sleeping bags (all in ones for the cold nights in January)
      Baby nighties x 3
      12 x bibs
      6 x old cloth nappies (more for burping clothes etc)
      Baby Bjorn and other Baby sling

      As we are also spending Christmas over there have managed to pack a few christmas decorations, some pressies for our surro mummies as well. I dont care if we go 10-15 kilos over we will just pay that amount necessary.

      Good Luck with your packing - I am sure I have missed something in the list above

  4. Lists are definitely a sign of nesting, I had them everywhere, only to lose them and write them again!!! Meg

  5. I confess to a list fetish, everything was cleaned and organised within an inch of it's life.....not like me usually. Welcome to nesting! So excited for you xx