Saturday, 6 October 2012

Everything is okay.....phew!!

Hi Everyone

We got news last night that our surro mummy is doing fine and has been discharged from hospital back to home. That is a relief. I would really like to thank my surro family for your kinds words, support and thoughts.

Our flights are booked on Singapore Airlines and we will arrive Monday 26 November 2012...we seem to have got the last of the cheaper flights as the prices go up from 1 December 2012. We have a flexible fare on our way back as we wont know the status of any applications until approx 7 Jan 2013 when the Australian High Commission returns from their holiday break and of course whilst we are confident that the twins will arrive pre Christmas our single bub could go two weeks either way.....

We have been fortunate enough to get some great house sitters who will look after the puppy dogs, cat and of course the house. This is savings us $$$$ in kennel fees. The beauty of it all is our house sitters are flexible and are planning to stay in Melbourne until end of February so we can extend their stay if we need to.....I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. Hi Mel, how exciting, the time is flying christmas will be here in no time. Wish we could find people to look after our muttly family, but Wilma doesn't like anyone so it is almost impossibility. LOL

  2. So pleased all well with surro mum!!
    How exciting flights booked it makes it all the more real
    the more things you tick off!!
    It will fly by.... x

  3. Maybe We could drop Tito and Pancho off in Melbourne to party with your pups while we're all in Delhi!!! :-)