Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Living 2 Lives.......

This journey is so wonderful we are both so glad we are on this path. As time marches on and our seedlings grow, I am finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile my professional working life with my personal life. Having just started a new job a little over a month ago, I cannot and will not tell them about the journey we are on.......Unbeknowns to me the last 3 incumbents in my role left after a short period of time to have babies.........when I accepted the job back in February I did so thinking it would take a great deal of time to be successful on this surrogacy journey having built that opinion from years of infertility...........I am really enjoying my new job and the relationships that I am building...however if I am to mention anything too early it will mean people will stop building those relationships with me that make it crucial for me to do a quality job.........and hey we are still in the Danger Zone of the first trimester.
So I will continue to keep the joy and the happiness mixed with the anxiety to myself......I am sure many of us feel this tug of war when you are keeping such a big secret......

On another note I am so looking forward to Surrogacy Australia's first conference in Melbourne this weekend where Dr Shivani is keynote speaker. Hope to see some of the Aussie bloggers there!


  1. Oh how I know this all too well!! I did not tell my work until week 29 for fear of losing my job or being excluded from all things pertanent that would affect my ability to perform. It is a really hard go...I struggled hugely!! Best of luck working your way through it!

  2. This is always tough but remember, that babies come first and everyone loves babies, so it may work out better than you think. My work has been amazing and I thought it may be a tough road,...but it all worked out. Thinking good thoughts and have fun at the conference!

  3. I don't envy your position Mel but I'm guessing as time goes on it will get easier. Try to take as much as you can from this work experience and enjoy it. I imagine once your full house arrives all this will seem like a distant memory! :) Take notes for me at the conference

  4. Ahhh the double life it's a tricky life to lead! We are still umming and ahhhing about our double life it's so tiring! I will be there hope we get a chance to meet up :)