Saturday, 12 May 2012

2 Little Heartbeats....and maybe more - is that being greedy?

Our wonderful surro mummy "L" who is about 7 weeks now is carrying 2 of our seedlings and their 2 strong heartbeats were confirmed on Thursday night. I am so relieved. Our other surro mummy "K" is a little behind and we are hoping that heartbeats will be confirmed by next Tuesday.

It is such an emotional experience waiting to hear. Knowing we have 4 gestational sacs which could equate to 4 bubs has instilled in both Andrew and I pride, happiness, terror, elation, fear, hopefulness, joy and apprehension about whether we can look after 4 babies at the same time..........however as the time marches on we are so hopeful that we do end up having 4 little babies. I am almost too afraid to wish that as this sounds greedy and it is still very early days. I am one of 5 girls so for me it's an absolute delight to think we could have 4 babies. Andrew and I have already looked at government assistance to support us should we have 4 babies so that we can both stay at home to care for them for the first 12 months. Thankfully there is more out there than I thought so some of those taxes we paid over the years are gonna be returned!

We love these little seedlings already and whilst I am expecting having 4 is unlikely I know I will be a mess if some of our seedlings dont come to fruition. That's the path we are all travelling though. My sister tells me it will help prepare us for parenthood, this rollercoaster ride we are on.

I love you my little seedlings. I so want to share this story with you one day so that you know how much we love you and want you.

I am very emotional this weekend as it is 5 years since my father passed away and my mum passed away 6 weeks later. My dad passed away the mother's day weekend so that anniversary falls at this time every year. I choose to think though that my parents are taking care of our little seedlings until they can be with us.


  1. Hello Mel & Andrew, don't lose faith, did not someone in India tell you about your family already, he believes that you will have a family and you have made the right journey, so its going to happen for you maybe 1,2,3 or 4 hopefully you will have a full house of 4.

  2. Hola Mel y Andreu. Tus papas desde el cielo os van a ayudar con los cuatro angelitos que vais a tener ya lo vereis.Mucho animo.Un fuerte abrazo.

  3. Hola Mel y Andreu. No desespereis todo va a ir bien, ya lo vereis y tus papás dese el cielo protegeran a vuestros 4 angelitos. Un fuerte abrazo

  4. Thank you for sharing your story of your loves and your losses. I hope 2012 is full of joy for you both, best wishes for your next scan results.