Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nursery Fun

Hubby and I have gradually started work on creating the Winnie the Pooh nursery for our 3 seedlings. We have been collecting items for a few weeks now so it's nice to start to see it coming to life. A couple of weeks ago my 21 year old niece gave Andrew and I a gift. She had hand crossstitched 2 pictures for the nursery - 1 of Eyeore and the other of Tigger. I cried when she gave them to us. They are so beautiful and it took her 4 weeks to finish the pictures.

This is the same niece who has offered and will be coming to India with us for baby pick up. She really is an angel. My sister and her husband have done a wonderful job in raising their kids and I hope we are at least half as good in the parents category as they are.

In our nursery we have also put up the Winnie the Pooh Shelf that I mentioned on here a few weeks back and also a wall decal.

 (3 little penguins for our 3 little seedlings)

We are planning on getting our carpets steam cleaned over the next couple of weeks so wont be putting any nursery furniture up until this is done, Hopefully we will complete it by mid September. Will post some photos when completed.

Hope everyone is well out there in blogland. 


  1. Great work! I love the wall decal. You better leave room for the alligators! And in terms of the parent category, I can't imagine anyone better suited to be parents than you two! Your kids will be very lucky to have you both as parents! :)

    1. Awwwwww thanks for that lovely comment. There will be plenty of room for those alligators.....hope you have room for the koalas for your beans!!!!.

  2. It looks great. CAn I ask, what is the colour of the walls. Very warm and happy. Good job.

  3. Hi Marty

    We have painted the nursery a yellow colour - it is very bright and warm and our three cots are all different woods (we bought secondhand apart from buying new mattresses). all the best

  4. So impressed with your organization!! You are going to be so prepared for your 3 seedlings!

  5. Wow Mel you have done such an awesome job setting up the nursery!!!! So much love iand thoughtfulness involved! Love the cross stitch's very special xxx You will be awesome parents!!

  6. Hey Mel.

    I was thinking of you today. Mothers choice baby to 4yo car seats were on sale for $135. They are on the doorbusters website if you are interested. I bought two this morning and am having them sent to Perth.

    You must be 18 weeks now? I just hit 10 on Monday.