Friday, 17 August 2012

3D of Number 3!!!

It was so delightful to receive a 3D Scan of our No.3 Seedling this week. This bubs is measuring at a little over 19 weeks now and seems to be tracking about 2 weeks behind our twins. Not sure how that works given implantation in both our surro mummies happened at similar time.

Regardless, we asked the fabulous team at SCI and Dr S for an update regarding our dates and it does seem  in all likelihood that we wont make it back to Australia in time for Christmas.....I wont let that stop the festivities though as I have already thought of some ways to have a very Happy Christmas whilst we will be in Delhi.....

Hope everyone is well.....3D Scan of Seedling No 3. below - what a cute little nose!!!


  1. Amazing... your # 3 is tracking almost exactly the same as ours! Can't wait to meet your little football team!

  2. Great picture. Super cute.

  3. This is awesome I am so happy for you, i am just 2 weeks behind you at 16 weeks now

  4. Brilliant news, gorgeous pictures. Just remember, M, different babies, different growth rates and your singleton will really take off in the later half of the pregnancy. Your bubs are not identical and they measure the growth rates against the average. This is about how they are growing and doesn't change their eta.

    Max is on the 50th percentile, Lily cracks the 10th, all through the pregnancy we had a bigger twin and a wee one - but as those who call me can atest to, Lily is louder.

    1. LOL re: Lily!!! I am such a planner I cant help myself to try and plan around what's not in your control!!

  5. Congrats! You' will be in India the same time as us too! ;)

  6. So cool. Seeing the 3D scan makes it that much more real I think!

  7. Nos sentimos muy felices por ustedes y si Dios quiere seremos muchos los que coincidamos Delhi.
    Un fuerte abrsazo.Besitos para los bebes