Saturday, 17 November 2012

Beautiful Bellies

I will never be able to thank our beautiful surrogate mothers L and K for taking such good care of our babies. Cant wait to cuddle and kiss you our little ones. Stay safe until then.

Here are a couple of beautiful belly shots

L carrying our twins - they are both very close to 2 kilos each - poor L is carrying close to 9 pounds of baby and continuing to grow!!

K carrying our single little one and close to 2 kilos ....

See you soon little ones - cant wait to have our first Christmas with you!!!! xxxx Mummy and Daddy

And to Dr Shivani and the staff of SCI - you guys are amazing and words will never ever be able to express our gratitude....thank you xxxxx


  1. Wow time is flying by! Are you packed and ready to go? Looking forward to seeing you in Delhi :)


  2. It won't be long now!! I'm very excited for you:-)

  3. How far are you? That looks awsome I cant wait to see my surrogate

  4. Beautiful!!! How's the packing going?

  5. Wow, looking good! Can't wait to see photos of all three little ones. Won't be very long now!!

  6. Hola familia:
    Os pedimos diculpas por no escribiros ante pero estando en Delhi es imposible.
    Seguimos todos los días el blog y nos alegra mucho saber que todo continua así de bien.Un fuerte abrazo y muchos besos p0ara los bebés.
    mucgas ganas de verle sus caritas.

  7. I remember very clearly the feeling of getting these photos. Beautiful.

  8. Hola familia:
    Perdonadnos si no os hemos escrito antes pero no tenemos mucho tiempo libre.
    Sabeos que todo os va muy bien porque os seguimos desde Delhi.Ya queda menos, seran unas navidades muy bonitas.Muchos besos