Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hairdresser Baby talk

I went to my hairdresser last weekend a thing I love to do and would do every week if I had the money. For many of us girls having a good hairdresser is a very personal choice and I rate it up there with the importance of choosing a good doctor. Anyway, I was sitting next to another client who told them she was 15 weeks pregnant.......I wished her congratulations and found out she is expecting at a similar time to us. I then proceeded to tell my hairdresser the following...."Hey guess what hubby and I are expecting triplets at about the same time" My hairdresser nearly fell over as she knows our history. I then went on to explain. I had the whole salon including the client who was 15 weeks pregnant absolutely fascinated and excited.

It was so wonderful to share the news. My hairdresser is so excited for us and gave me a big kiss and a hug. When I explained that our donor was of Indian descent she said "Oh my god...they will be stunning looking babies then with curly black hair...." It was such a lovely lovely experience and I was close to tears receiving all the love and warmth.

Whilst sitting alongside the client she told me what she did for a living. She is a Youth Worker. She asked me whether she could retell my experience to young girls she was working with who at young ages become pregnant and then take no responsibility for parenting. She said she wants to use my example to demonstrate the other end of the scale in terms of the level of commitment, bravery and motivation towards becoming a parent. Many of us on here fall into this category. Bernadette and Duane continue to be the shining stars in determination and resilience.

At the end of the 3 hour appointment ( yes it was a dye job, haircut and pampering), this new client and I had formed this lovely relationship with a common bond. It was evident in our discussions that whilst physically I am not carrying a baby and she is, we both are emotionally attached, have same worries, same excitement and that we are both already expectant parents.

I am so thankful for this experience. It has enriched my life ......


  1. Loved reading this, even at a time we've just suffered a loss. Such a good idea to use you and other people as case studies in youth work. It's good for some people to hear "how we live on the other side of infertility"
    It's also great when people show excitement rather than judgment. :)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Sr x

    1. I am so sorry that you have experienced a loss. This is such a rollercoaster ride. It's exhiliarating and then downright awful at times....I hope you are back in the highs soon and stay there for smooth sailing.

  2. I think that is wonderful. I'm so please that you have been able to receive positive thoughts from people.

  3. What a wonderful reaction!. Normally these type of situations freak me out.... but now I'm really proud to be able to say that we actually have this as an option.
    Well done you on your triplets!!

  4. Aun que no somos conscientes siempre hay personas a nuestro alrededor que se identifican con nosotros, nos apoyan y se sienten feliz por todo lo que estamos viviendo.Es maravilloso
    Rezamos por los bebé.Un fuerte abrazo.

  5. Awwwww, that's awesome. I imagine it's very scary to share that news and it's so nice that you received such a wonderful reception.

  6. I have a big smile on my face right now!!! What a nice connection you have made, and what a great feeling to share your joy and be received with such warmth and support!!! Perfect!!!!

  7. Such a nice story.. we’ve also got a really good reaction from everyone we’ve told our story to. Your triplets will be growing up around some really good people!

  8. Somehow I totally missed this post. How exciting and wonderful that you were able to share your story with them! Isn't it neat to think about the ripple effect that will come from this situation??? Best wishes!

  9. I missed this post too! So glad you had such a lovely time.