Sunday, 10 June 2012

Winnie the Pooh Nursery Theme

For months now I have been exploring the wonderful world of the web for interesting Beatrix Potter items for the nursery that are not too expensive.........however in doing so I have succumbed to the cuteness of Winnie the hubby and I were wandering in a favourite second hand shop and found an absolute bargain for $8 AUD. A genuine Winnie the Pooh and Tigger shelf! It has 3 knobs/hooks as well which means it was meant for us!

Colours are perfect for our nursery plans. Attached is the photo. As it is a genuine Disney product we think we made a steal.

Meanwhile our twins and surrogate mummy L are doing very well with recent scans showing strong heartbeats and growing little seedlings. We should get an update on our single little seedling and how surro mummy K is doing on Tuesday/Wednesday.


  1. Very cute and such a bargain! Glad the twins are doing well and best wishes for your single scans xx

  2. Bargin! You're going to have one busy nursery with three bubs to care for

  3. I love it! Your nursery will be so cute. And what a bargain... I'm a sucker for a good deal! Glad to hear the bubs are doing well!

    1. Yes me too I cant help myself if I see such good deals. Any thoughts on your nursery theme? Did you get your scans yet?

  4. very cute.... am sure you willhave heaps of fun decorating the nursery in this theme :)
    Glad to hear the bubbies are all doing well and they will be here sooner than you know!

  5. Lo que nos alegra veros así de bien y recuperados, eso es buena señal, todo va a salir bien y pronto tendreis a vuestros bebés con vosotros y estaran muy orgullosos de sus papas, por que sois unos luchadores. Ojala el tiempo pasara mas rapido y pudieramos tenerlos ya ¿verdad? pero bueno todo llega . Muy bonita la decoración para los bebés, se lo van a pasar en grande.Muchos Besos

  6. Ya sound interesting and that's just perfect for your nursery.Winnie the pooh theme